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Being a singing teacher and vocal coach is kinda fun. But no matter the student or the genre, the age or the ability, the basics stay the same. How's your breathing, your posture, your delivery, your intent, and your confidence? How is the musicality working for you and the song? How do you really connect with the  music? What's resonance? How do you not feel nervous?! All the answers are covered in your lessons, as and when you need to know the answers. 


Do I have to audition? Nope. You have to call me, so we can establish if I can help you.  It comes down to this - do you want to learn? 

What age can a child start singing? You, as a parent, will know this for your child. I've had very young children that I've had to turn away for a few years, and very young children that just "get it". Children develop at different ages, in different ways. There is no answer to this question. I started learning piano when I was two years old, but I didn't start singing til I was eleven years old. So use your wisdom here. 

Am I too old? Nope. Never. Maybe just too scared, or someone said something mean about your singing at some stage... One things for sure...I'm not scary, lol. In fact, I'm probably the least scary person you'll meet in the singing world.... I'd say if you've always wanted to sing, now's the time to try. It's really fun - and it's time you can spend on yourself, and not on everyone else in your life. If you want to sing, it's your right to sing. Claim it. Own it. Love it. :-)

I'm a professional and I've got a few technical problems to iron out (like top notes/sore throats/low notes/nerves). Yup. That's kind of the core of what I do. Most problems can be sorted quickly and efficiently - it's incredible how SIMPLE singing is, when you take away all the preconceptions and bad habits. Often I find removing one bad habit means a bunch of others disappear by themselves. 

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I work in music industry. So I work at weird and wonderful hours and all over the world, depending on where people need me. I teach at Aitken College in Melbourne, and at Niche Studios in Thornbury, as well as in Fitzroy North, and East Melbourne, and now Doreen at our new Doreen Music and Arts School.  I also coach online to students in Russia, Italy, the UK and the US. There are no limits to what we can do.  So contact me, to know more. Love, Annie. 

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