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Internationally acclaimed soprano


It's my honour and pleasure to have recorded and performed with some of the best in the industry  - and now to be running a teaching studio that includes some of the most gifted singers in Australia, and around the world. Here are some videos of things I've done - before the days of social media (yes, I'm that old lol). 

Opera...Carols by Candlelight

Gosh yes, performing for Carols by Candlelight  for Channel 9 was a frequent and remarkable experience. When everyone lifts up their candles - there is such a love in the air. Joy to the world, indeed.... 


When legendary producer Chong Lim rang me and asked if I could sing on an album that was to include artists like Olivia Newton John and Idea of North, of course I said yes. I got the music 48 hours before recording. Shows what technique can do when under pressure - I love this arrangement by Andrew Naylor, simply because these traditional songs are given the breath of new life, and new energy. It was such fun to record with Chong - and this album was truly a highlight of my career, just before I

Mary Doumany...Celtic Gold and Carrighdoun

Another Irish song - one of my favourite. This one was recorded in Melbourne at the ABC Studios at Southbank, in one take, with one rehearsal. Because rehearsing Celtic music tends to defeat the purpose of celtic music.... lol. So we did it with a chord chart, and the lyrics scribbled on a piece of paper from memory.... just because we felt like it. thanks Mary, for such beautiful playing... 

Celtic Music

Celtic music was something I toured for many years, all over the world from Dingle in Ireland through to Paris, Vietnam and many more countries, and then all over Australia with the shows I wrote - Celtic Whispers and Spirit of Celt. 

Cavatina...The Deer Hunter

This was such a beautiful song that I learned as a small child. World renowned guitarist, Leonard Grigoryan was so beautiful to sing with. Recorded in Sydney at ABC Ultimo, it was a moment of peace and really represented what was actually going on in my personal life at that moment.... 

The National Anthem

Well, I am Australian, after all - even though I'd lived in Europe most of my life, somehow I became the "go to" anthem singer for quite a long time, performing in all sorts of opening ceremonies from the World Cup, AFL, Caulfield Cup, and many more!