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Embrace Your Passion

I was so lucky to have a really fun, great career, flying around the world for twenty years, working in industries from pop to classical, musical theatre and everything in between. But it wasn't easy. I had to deliver, every time, for every performance, no matter what. That took a lot of learning, a lot of discovery and a lot of dedication and persistance. What I discovered was just how SIMPLE singing is.  Now I'm teaching others to do the same. It doesn't matter the style. Our bodies work pretty much the same way.  It's our minds that are the problem! In my opinion, if you want to sing, you're awesome. Everyone can learn to sing. Don't hold back, just give me a call and let me help you sing better than you ever thought was possible. If you are a professional, and have technical difficulties, give me a call to look at how I can help you smooth out your voice with the best international, time and professionally tested techniques available.

Live Life in Song

Find your passion. Be your own singer. Know your own technique. Reach deep into your feelings and know your voice will make the sound you feel.

Be Inspired By Everything

Look for inspiration across all disciplines.  


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