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 Australian born Annalisa retired from a 20 year touring career in 2013, and now teaches full time.  

About Annalisa

Her career...well, parts of it anyway...



All the official stuff:

Bachelor of Music  in Performance (University of Melbourne) 

Graduate Diploma in Opera (Victorian College of Arts)

CILS (Siena)

And the rest...

I decided to go Europe in 1996 and study  in Italy. So I was based in Florence for a decade or so with the world renowned Professore Antonio Moretti-Pananti, working at Charles Cecil's studios and singing in tours throughout Europe. 

Shortly after this, I somehow got signed  to ABC Classics and Universal, singing Russian, and somehow managed to release two national bestselling crossover albums  - one ran top of the charts for six weeks, until Kings College Cambridge took over with their Christmas album and I could relax again lol..

I was also lucky enough to sing as a soloist with pretty much every major symphony orchestra in Australia including the Sydney Symphony, Melbourne Symphony, Royal Philharmonic, Tasmanian Symphony, Western Australian Symphony, Adelaide Symphony, Orchestra Victoria, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and more. That was truly amazing and I remain in awe of their power and sound. 

 After literally thousands of performances, throughout Australia, Europe and Asia, I discovered I had a name for crossover music, and I had developed from a tomboy cowgirl (literally) in boots and flannalette shirts to an iconic fashion something or other. This meant I could reside for extended periods of time between Australia, Italy, Russia, the Netherlands, and Germany, which was great fun, challenging and absolutely NOT what I expected when I was 8 years old. When I was 8, I thought I'd marry a cowboy and chase cows for a living...go figure.  

My international touring included Phantom of the Opera (Christine), My Fair Lady (Eliza), great castles and houses thoughout Europe, operatic and contemporary performances with audiences from 10 to in the millions. 

I toured with Virtuosi Tasmania, an elite professional chamber orchestra, performing Mozart, Bach and Handel concert arias.

Then I got bored, a bit broke, and ended up cold calling theatres because I needed to pay my phone bill.  From my first call in Australia to a random regional theatre, I went to eight years of sold out, back-to-back national touring of shows that I wrote, produced and sang in, such as Mario Lanza (Kathryn Grayson), The Spirit of Celt, Celtic Whispers, Ireland.

Somewhere in there Andrew McKinnon booked me to tour nationally with the major spectacular Scotland the Brave complete with 200 voice choir, national symphonic orchestras and fife and drums.

Paul Grabowsky and other composers started sending me work, so I was lucky enough to record for various films, and weird live radio performances with the ABC, SBS, and different film producers.

And, honour of all honours, these great musos that had become my life time friends through all the work I did with them, kept getting me to join them in amazing nights at events like the Tamworth Country Music Festival, the sheep festivals, major outdoor events like The Strand Opening in Rockhampton, and Carols by the Bay, Carols by the Park, Opera in the Otways, Opera in the Roses, Opera in the Vinyards, Opera in Toscana, and more.... I wish I'd kept a better diary, but that's just a few that remain imprinted in the colourful career I was lucky enough to have...  

Steve Martin, the leader of Virtuosi Tasmania, and I decided to record an "enjoyable classical album", which we then toured and released independently with musicians from the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra throughout Tasmanian.

Working for the ABC and legendary producers such as Chong Lim, I was fortunate to be recorded for various other compilations, including on compilations with Olivia Newton John, Idea of North, Kate Ceberano, David Hobson, Guy Sebastian and more. 

Critics said some pretty nice things about me (I listed some below, but I don't want to show off too much so I left a lot out, also they are in a box in a container in England somewhere with the rest of my stuff - a result of a touring life lol), including that "I was a thoroughly accomplished artist and who combined my intensive education in Florence, Italy with my down to earth country back ground to produce stunning performances for enraptured audiences" (The Age) (btw wow... nice journo thank you) and that I had a "voice of an angel" (I got that a lot lol!)...truly, it was such fun performing, and I hope all people get to do fun stuff like me through their lives - but now, it's the most amazing feeling to sit back and watch younger singers grow up and make successful careers... I'm not hanging on, because it was time to stop. The right time - to pass on the knowledge so many people taught me. God bless, and may you live a long and happy and musical life....specially if you made it to the end of this biog. Lol. 

Regular workshops and performance opportunities

 Annalisa has workshops and performances that her students can attend, to gain their own experience in performance, and work on any anxiety or nerves that may be associated with their singing.  



"The voice of an angel" Ray Martin, Channel 9

"perfect poise and performance" The Courier, Tasmania

"brilliant - a singer you will not want to miss" 3AW

"utterly gorgeous singer, who sings with joy, amazing technique and wonderful aplomb" 3MBS

"one of Australia's shining stars" Singapore Straits Times

" stunning" ABC Radio National

"it took my breath away" The Bulletin

"the voice of an angel" The West, Perth

"I adore my teacher! She is so encouraging and I really come away knowing what to do. Her knowledge of voice and technique is second to none"  Georgina Lewin, Moscow

"she's so funny when she's teaching, full of passion and she carries you away so you leave your lessons happy, and weirdly able to sing all the top notes with ease!" Felicity Manners, London

Representation and career advice

 After 20 years of producing and managing herself and other acts on four different continents, Annalisa is now represents children and pre professionals  capacity. Annalisa has students in the ballet, acting and singing worlds who have been preselected for Prix in Switzerland, signed on professional US music contracts and tours, and work in the feature film and Australian television industry. NOT an agency, she acts the "translator" between industry and artists, making it easy for companies to get the people they want with as little fuss as possible, and performers to access work opportunities without being pushed into paying big fees and nonsense contracts.   

If you are interested in lessons for yourself or your child personally with Annalisa please feel free to book an introductory lesson. We also have the Doreen Music and Arts School, in the Yarra Valley and Yan Yean areas of Melbourne, for high quality extracurricular lessons in piano, singing, acting, guitar and more at affordable prices with Annalisa's team of terrific teachers!  Contact Annalisa to find out more - group and individual lessons start in Doreen on 26th of January, 2019.  Please see the Facebook page for the Doreen Music and Arts School.



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Annalisa performed regularly at Carols by Candlelight during her career.