Singing teaching for children, pre-professionals and professionals online and in studio

Internationally acclaimed soprano

 Australian born Annalisa retired from a 20 year touring career in 2013, and now teaches full time.  


Annalisa performed regularly at Carols by Candlelight during her career.  

About Annalisa

Her career...well, parts of it anyway...


Annalisa originally qualified with a Bachelor of Music (University of Melbourne) and Graduate Diploma in Opera (Victorian College of Arts). Upon graduating, she moved to Europe and then 'went global', treading the boards for more than two decades, signing to ABC Classics and Universal, and singing for most orchestras in Australia including the Sydney Symphony, Melbourne Symphony, Royal Philharmonic, Tasmanian Symphony, Western Australian Symphony, Adelaide Symphony, Orchestra Victoria, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and more. After literally thousands of performances, throughout Australia, Europe and Asia, her acclaimed crossover style, and iconic fashion and love of music and horses became a brand unto themselves, which led her to residing for extended periods of time between Australia, Italy, Russia, the Netherlands, and Germany. 

Her international touring included Phantom of the Opera (Christine), My Fair Lady (Eliza), operatic and contemporary performances with audiences from 10 to in the millions. She toured with Virtuosi Tasmania, an elite professional chamber orchestra, performing Mozart, Bach and Handel concert arias, and doing sold out, back to back national tours of shows that she also produced and wrote, such as Mario Lanza (Kathryn Grayson), The Spirit of Celt, Celtic Whispers, Ireland, as well as being a regular guest for the major spectacular Scotland the Brave complete with 200 voice choirs, symphonic orchestras and fife and drums under the presiding influence of the world class producer, Andrew McKinnon.  

Annalisa released several best selling national  albums, incuding Waiting on an Angel (Universal/ABC Classics) and Ireland (Universal/ABC Classics), and Virtuosi Tasmania.  She also recorded for various artists, and has been included on compilations with Olivia Newton John, Kate Ceberano (Hope, produced by Andrew Naylor released by ABC/Universal), the world famous  producer, Chong Lim, New York based conductor Sean O'Boyle, as well as many others.  

Annalisa is critically acclaimed, thoroughly accomplished and combines her intensive education in Florence, Italy with her down to earth country back ground for both teaching and performance. 

Annalisa has a highly practical approach to singing, empowering each student to not just technically be aware and active, but musically able to deliver exactly what they want. Working with singers at all levels and ages means that she has a wealth of experience to fix vocal and performance issues quickly, directly, and with a great deal of empathy and understanding.  

She is an experienced professional in live musical theatre, opera (coloratura soprano, particularly Mozart and light opera), country and jazz. 

After the birth of her son, Fred, she chose to stop the crazy decades of touring and now teaches singing at all levels, from primary school right through to coaching professionals in musical theatre, jazz, and classical performance and recording. Her extensive experience benefits all her students, who find they can pick the musical world that suits them, from modern MT to Handel, Bach, jazz, country, pop and rock - or singing their own repertoire to a professional recording and performance standard. All ages are welcome - in Annalisa's opinion, the more, the merrier! 

Annalisa also helps pre professionals to develop their professional profiles, including developing show reels, photographs, recordings and suitable demo and concert repertoire. 

Annalisa has a highly practical approach to singing, empowering each student to not just technically be aware and active, but musically able to deliver exactly what they want. Working with singers at all levels and ages means that she has a wealth of experience to fix issues quickly, directly, and with a great deal of empathy and understanding.  As of October 2018, Annalisa will be offering the Richards Trauma Process sessions to individuals who have trouble processing anxiety and performance fear. This is designed specifically by trauma treatment provider Judith Richards, and relates to high states of anxiety and stress in professionals as well as those who are starting out.  Please contact Annalisa directly for more details. 

Annalisa works with performers and students who suffer anxiety, where work on confidence and self belief, and on taking the fear and debilitating nervousness out of the magic and energy of performing - something that she believes can only really be taught if you have already genuinely travelled the path of a performer, performing with all the difficulties and under the pressure that professional performers feel. Being a unique sort of career, really understanding how to handle each individual day, is a key to maintaining a long and happy career for the right reasons. 

Keeping the heart and soul in music, and learning how technique can give you everything you need to deliver what you feel, is at the core of her teaching. Whether it is soul, folk, opera, jazz, country, or choral - the knowledge you develope to not damage your voice is absolutely essential, while the knowledge to produce the best and most incredible sound you can is the ongoing, amazing journey. Ideally, when you have studied with Annalisa, you will walk away with all the tools for a healthy, long career in singing.

Teaching singing, for Annalisa, is not a job, it is a vocation and a labour of love. It is her world, and her joy, and her students feel it too - a testament to the collaborative, non-judgemental, easy approach to the art form. 

Regular workshops and performance opportunities

 Annalisa has workshops and performances that her students can attend, to gain their own experience in performance, and work on any anxiety or nerves that may be associated with their singing.  



"The voice of an angel" Ray Martin, Channel 9

"perfect poise and performance" The Courier, Tasmania

"brilliant - a singer you will not want to miss" 3AW

"utterly gorgeous singer, who sings with joy, amazing technique and wonderful aplomb" 3MBS

"one of Australia's shining stars" Singapore Straits Times

" stunning" ABC Radio National

"it took my breath away" The Bulletin

"the voice of an angel" The West, Perth

"I adore my teacher! She is so encouraging and I really come away knowing what to do. Her knowledge of voice and technique is second to none"  Georgina Lewin, Moscow

"she's so funny when she's teaching, full of passion and she carries you away so you leave your lessons happy, and weirdly able to sing all the top notes with ease!" Felicity Manners, London

New students

 New students are currently being offered a place with Annalisa in her agency, which provides workshops and springboarding for professional work in the entertainment industry.  

Agency opening!

 After 20 years of producing and managing herself and other acts on four different continents, Annalisa is now taking on children and pre professionals in an agency capacity, helping them upskill to be more employable including modelling, catwalk and photographic sessions, and performance technique with dance, musical theatre and acting workshops. We currently have eight children preparing their profiles for our books. Contact Annalisa directly to find out more, if you are interested in auditioning for Melbourne based shows or film parts,  or want to join her competition team.  



What if I can't sing at all?

This simply doesn't matter. Annalisa has refined her teaching technique, after four decades of constant study and performance, to a simple, easy to understand, step by step process. She has even made professionals out of people who originally couldn't sing in tune, simply by teaching them to hear properly! 

I would like to learn to sing, but I lack confidence... 

No problem. One of the fundamentals about singing teaching is believing in yourself. That comes with knowing what to do. So no matter how you feel, Annalisa wants you to feel better about your singing, because you know you are sounding better each time. So don't worry about confidence. With knowledge, comes self empowerment!

Am I too old?

Annalisa doesn't regard age as a limitation. She does, however, regard the potency of the love of music and singing as a deciding factor for students she will or won't take on. You've got to love singing, to be good at it. 

Am I too young?

The youngest Annalisa will usually teach is around 8, but it depends on the child, and why they want to sing. Her studio is all inclusive, and repertoire will be chosen to suit the age and ability of the child.

What if I am stuck with my current teacher, and don't know how to get better, but don't want to leave?

Best thing to do is come for a coaching. These sessions are more expensive, and more concentrated, but you will at least be able to problem solve those tricky bits you couldn't get before. 

Where does Annalisa work from?

Everywhere. Annalisa teaches in Australia, Netherlands, Germany, UK and Russia, online and even at your home. She has studios in Melbourne at various locations, so contact us to find out if she has a studio or session nearby.  

How much does it cost?

Annalisa teaches at different prices, depending on the age of the child, and where the teaching occurs (online, in studio or elsewhere). Lesson prices vary from $40 for Niche dancers in Thornbury for half an hour, to $250 for intensive professional consultation and audition preparation for professionals. These consultations take the time it takes - varying in length, and stopping only when Annalisa is satisfied that suitable improvement has been made to prepare the student for whatever is coming up. The average lesson is $100 per hour for students outside Niche, with half hour and 45 minute slots available. 


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